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Choosing the Right RV for Your Trip

June 19, 2019

If you’ve never purchased or rented an RV before, you might be confused when someone asks, “Which type would you like?” They’re all pretty much the same, right? Not exactly! In fact, there’s quite a bit of differentiation between them. Getting to know the different types of RV rentals in Salt Lake City, UT will help you make the right choice about which one is best for you and your family on your next trip. RV Classes The first thing to know about RVs is that there are different classes: A, B and C. They’re quite different and can dictate... View Article

What to Bring on Your RV Trip

June 19, 2019

Hitting the road in an RV is a wonderful experience. You get all the sights of a road trip with the comfort and conveniences of home. Whether you’re traversing the roadways of classic Route 66 on your way through the American Southwest or on your way to do some national park RV camping in Salt Lake City, UT, there’s no better way to travel than by RV. Before you pull onto the highway and start logging miles, make sure you’re packing all the right things. There are some important essentials you shouldn’t leave home without—especially if you’re traveling by RV.... View Article

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